Stay in touch with friends and loved ones with Reliance Telephone. Please give them a call at 1-800-896-3201 to establish an account. Their hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm Central Time Monday through Friday. If you call outside those hours you can leave your information and a customer service representative will call you back.

Visit Reliance Telephone web page for more information.

We do carry on hand a limited supply of phone cards that can be purchased immediately. We also have ipads on hand which allows the inmates to send and recieve text messages. There is a rental charge for the ipad and texting costs. See reliance website for more information on setting up a texting fund account.

If you have questions, you can call the jail at 701-256-2555. We can not transfer any calls to any inmates. A Reliance Telephone card is the only way to talk with an inmate. A calls are outgoing only, inmates can not recieve outside calls.


Visting hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2pm to 4pm. Please do not bring items with you unless approved by Jail Staff a head of time. If you have questions, please call the jail at 701-256-2555.

Work Release

The Work Release Program is to assist inmates who have been sentenced by the court system to serve their allotted sentence and still remain employed at their current work environment. The Work Release Program allows inmates the opportunity to support their families, pay their fines, and serve their court ordered sentence. All candidates must meet the qualifications and be approved by the Sheriff.


The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) was signed into law by President George W. Bush on September 4, 2003. After nationwide data collection conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, final rules for facilities governed by PREA became effective on August 20, 2012.

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office is committed to PREA compliance, and makes every effort to provide a sexually safe environment for everyone committed to our custody.

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s office maintains a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of inmates in our correctional facilities. Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, and inmates will all be held accountable to established PREA Standards, and all are provided with training and information regarding their rights and responsibilities under this law.

Every reported incident of sexual harassment or sexual abuse will be investigated and documented by a qualified investigator.

Prea Report Form - To Report an Incident of sexual abuse or sexual harassment

2016 Annual Prea Report

Prea Certificate - As of 6/9/17 we are PREA compliant and the report can be seen at the Cavalier County Sheriff's Office

Prea Rape Elimination Act - Policy 606

08.14.2017 18:42

We are seeking help from the public to help identify this Ford F-150 this vehicle is a suspect vehicle for multiple burglaries in multiple counties. If anyone recognizes this ford or even a possibility of who it belongs to please contact the sheriffs office at 701-256-2555 all and information would be greatly appreciated and can be given anonymously

08.10.2017 16:08

Drivers License Division::
Changes starting in September 2017:
Devils Lake and Dickinson will also be open the 2nd & 4th W
Linton will be open the 3rd W only
Rolla will be open the 1st W only
ATTENTION CAVALIER COUNTY RESIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sites that will no longer be open: Carrington, Carson, Crosby, Langdon, Lisbon, Mayville, Rugby, Wishek

07.29.2017 13:00

07.26.2017 11:54

Last night we tragically lost a
member of our family, Mike Kubal,
who died from complications after
a motor vehicle accident. The
news of his death found us
unprepared. We shall miss Mike

We offer our deepest sympathy to
Kubal’s family, friends and co-
workers, who could not have
prepared for their sudden loss.
We ask all of you to keep Mike in
your thoughts and prays.

This is a difficult time for all
of us.

06.22.2017 19:26

Jody and Paul taught 911 and Dog Safety along with Demonstrating Milo's drug detection techniques at the Youth Safety Day held at the NDSU extension Center

06.22.2017 16:19

Found Baseball glove at St. Alphonsus playground with the name Dakotah written on it. Contact the Sheriffs Office

06.16.2017 22:12

Special Weather Statement

Kittson-West Marshall-Towner-Cavalier-Pembina-
Eastern Walsh County-Western Walsh County

Including the cities of Hallock, Karlstad, Lancaster, Warren,
Stephen, Argyle, Cando, Langdon, Cavalier, Walhalla, Drayton,
Pembina, Neche, St. Thomas, Grafton, Park River, Edinburg, Adams,
and Lankin

505 PM CDT Fri Jun 16 2017


Showers and thunderstorms have moved into northern Towner County in North Dakota this evening. Conditions are favorable for funnel clouds with any thunderstorm that does develop. These types of funnel clouds are usually short lived, however, they can and occasionally do touch the ground and cause minor damage. Because of this possibility, If you see one of these funnel clouds approaching the ground, take cover immediately. Law enforcement officials reported a funnel cloud 6 miles south of Hansboro in Towner County North Dakota at 5 pm.