Cavalier County Sheriff's Office and ProtechDNA are teaming up to provide the cititzens of Cavalier County with a free DNA Property Kit that you can use to mark your valuable items. If your marked item becomes stolen in the future and than recovered, Law Enforcement can scan recovered items, find your item and get it returned to you. You will also have an online account where you can manage your items that you marked. Videos explaining more on how it work are Connect the Dots and IARLE Click on the image below to download/view/print the pdf.

02.01.2019 00:16

Found dog was located by Rachelle Fetsch's residence. If know the owner, contact the sheriff office.

12.12.2018 16:26

Merry Christmas from Cavalier County Sheriffs Department

11.19.2018 16:05

All of us at the Cavalier County Sheriff's Office are thinking of the families of 3 people that lost their lives last night in the plane crash of the Metro Area Ambulance Service Bismarck Air Medical, LLC . All of your families, friends, and coworkers are in our thoughts and prayers.Thank you for your service.

11.14.2018 22:52

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department would like to thank the Cavalier County
4-H Club for stopping by! They gave goodie bags to each Deputy and Dispatcher showing there appreciation for our services to the County.

11.11.2018 16:11

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department would like to thank all of our veterans past and present

11.05.2018 21:20

If you see strange vehicles in your area whether you live in town or out in the county, don't be afraid to call us and have us come out and check them out. Remember we can't be everywhere and we need your eyes to help us do our job! Thank You!

11.03.2018 16:03

Missing dog, contact 256-4509 - Liz Haraseth if found