Cavalier County Sheriff's Office

Cavalier County Sheriff's Office is located at 901 3rd St. in Langdon, ND and can be reached by calling 701-256-2555, for emergencies please call 911. E-mail us at

Life Saving Award Presented to Officer Beck

Sheriff Greg Fetsch presented the Life Saving Award to Officer Beck

11.11.2018 16:11

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department would like to thank all of our veterans past and present

11.05.2018 21:20

If you see strange vehicles in your area whether you live in town or out in the county, don't be afraid to call us and have us come out and check them out. Remember we can't be everywhere and we need your eyes to help us do our job! Thank You!

11.03.2018 16:03

Missing dog, contact 256-4509 - Liz Haraseth if found

11.01.2018 20:33

Come see us at Canola Days in Langdon at the Activity Center!

10.03.2018 16:54

That Cavalier County Sheriffs is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a stolen vehicle that was taken from the Munich area on 10/02/2018 at approximately 2:30pm last seen going north on Highway 20 from Munich. The vehicle is a 2001 GMC Yukon with North Dakota license 176 BSS black in color with a tow hitch on front of vehicle. If you have any information that could help in locating the vehicle please call the sheriffs office 701-256-2555

09.26.2018 20:32

The Sheriff Office has received a notice that there is someone making phone calls asking for money for a "Firefighter's Support Group". We have been told from the local fire department that they have never heard of this group and will not receive any funds from this group. Please be wary of who is calling and asking for monetary support.

09.10.2018 23:17

If you are missing a black dog that looks like a German Shepard, and black lab cross that has a chain on him, please call 701-256-2555.